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An intrinsic section of St. Xavier’s College, the department of English maintains the essence of humanities, and accommodates the ABCs of the language for all pupils in the college on intermediate, undergraduate and post graduated levels. Its mission is to foster students for the art of reading, writing and analytical thinking for competitive global outfit. These learnings are inculcated through critical and creative pedagogy. The department offers students various courses on language and literature as compulsory papers and other courses as functional papers. Besides, the faculties of department of English are engaged in other departments in the teaching of language and literature for the overall growth of the students.

The aim of the department thus remains to metamorphose the students into academically sound, socially responsible, morally upright and globally competent persons having the Jesuit Spirit of dedication to excellence, leadership and service.

Department of English runs an undergraduate degree (B.A) affiliated to Tribhuwan University. Students willing to choose English Literataure, Social Work, Journalism and Psychology courses can join the degree.

Faculty Members

Mr. Shishir Kumar Bhusal
Head OF Department
M.A. in English Literature, St. Joseph’s College, Trichy (BU),M.Phil.,P.U. (SKB)
Mrs. Merina Manandhar
M.Ed. T.U. M. Phil K.U.(MM)
Mr. Jileshan Shah
M.A. in English T.U., M. Phil. P.U.(JS)
Mrs. Khushbu K.C
M.A. English Literature, St. Xavier’s College(KKC)
Mr. Lal Mani Joshi
M.A. English Literature, Kanpur University, India(LMJ)